May 16 – Zoltan Sagi Quartet

Hearing the name Zoltan Sagi means you are going to be part of an evening of music designed to press all your jazz buttons. This was very much the situation at Severn Jazz on May 6th when Zoltan was with ‘Sticky’ Wicket on drums, Paul Sawtell, keyboards and James Agg on upright bass. There was no mistaking these professional jazzers who were so able to play anything and make it sound as though they had been rehearsing it until it had a high shine. Each performance was polished. Zoltan is master of the clarinet and it is hard to realise that he picked up the saxophone afterwards. Paul Sawtell played a vital role with his keyboard skills and his solos kept the audience glued to his fingers trying to link them with the resulting sounds. James Agg was able to conjure up that lovely rich bass sound which is not present with all bass players. His solos were a melodic joy. And for drummer ‘Sticky’ Wicket, who time after time shows his versatility in gigs like this. ‘Sticky’ can play with gusto. He can be a swing drummer. He can play Buddy Rich as well as the next but he can also be soft and sympathetic as he was tonight. As a quartet, we were treated to an evening of superb jazz excellently performed.