Feb 19 – Tom Hill Trio

If you enjoy a range of music which covers all points from John Lewis’s Django to Cedar Walton’s Bolivia together with anecdotal stories from a time working with Les Brown’s Band of Renown, then this evening would have suited you down to the ground.

Tom’s delivery of humour together with his bass playing is usually a sure fire hit. Without doubt, it was spot on, on this Monday evening. Together with Al Gurr on keyboard and Charlie Wright playing tenor saxophone, there was a wide variety of superbly played jazz. One minute it was Bluesette and then Blue Rondo A La Turk and then a version of Sonny Rollins’s St Thomas which developed into a competition to see who would finish first, or was it last?

Plenty of names dropped in the nicest possible way – Peggy Lee, Boston Pops, and anecdotes about members of the Les Brown band.

There was even a foray into the music of Miles Davis and some numbers they said they were playing for the first time. Brave, but they made it through without bloodshed.

It was again, another evening of good music together with entertaining stories from Tom’s musical career with mentions of George Burns and Jimmy Durante. The mix of music and humour kept everyone smiling and tapping their feet for the whole of the evening.

Yet again a good tenner’s worth.