Sept 17 – Roy Sainsbury Trio

It might have been the start of the autumn season with the advent of mists and darker evenings, but gloom was not on the agenda when Severn Jazz returned from its summer break.

On the bill was the Roy Sainsbury Trio with Charlie Wright on tenor and Tom Hill on bass. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing of course! In fact it all went delightfully right. The choice of music, the presentation of classic jazz standards beautifully played by musicians who knew what their craft meant. It was a superb evening of jazz, delivered with good humour and a great deal of enthusiasm by three consummate professionals who all made it look and sound so effortless.

I will always remember when I was in school, the music master, who had a wicked sense of humour, would check that the headmaster was elsewhere. This was always at the end of term. He would then proceed to play us music which I guess was not in the curriculum. It was a bit like this on Friday. When Tom was happy that the audience was relaxed at the beginning of the second half, a few jokes would take centre stage in between some of the tunes. None of this detracted from the excellent music and during numbers like Emily, if anyone had dropped a pin, it would have made a shattering din.

The rapport between the musicians was also very evident. When Charlie Wright ‘dared’ to include a musical quotation from the Hall of the Mountain King in one number, Roy with a faux ‘I’m the Boss’ look on his face produced a red card and held it aloft. None of this good humour ever got in the way of the superb music and from bossas to Bernie’s Tune and all points in between it was nothing short of a superb musical experience.