Mar 19 – Kim Cypher Quartet

I know what I like and I like what I know. That’s a phrase which was used in a title by the band Genesis and elsewhere as well and it fitted last Monday evening like an expertly tailored glove. Almost without exception as people were leaving, so many came up with ‘we weren’t quite sure whether we’d like it, but we really loved it.’

So if you didn’t turn up because you thought you might not like that kind of music; a bit funky and not quite jazzy enough, then you were wrong. From what I heard, you were definitely wrong. The moral is plain. Don’t always pre-judge what might be on offer. Dig in and try it before you make that judgement.

So for a smaller audience what did we have with Kim Cypher and the band? This was a date on her ‘Love Kim x’ Tour and we had foot tapping music, beautifully played and superbly presented by a singing saxophonist who really knows her stuff. By that I mean knowing the music and knowing also how to appeal to an audience. And that audience wasn’t just there to listen; they were there to be involved.

Also involved very much were the band members, no stranger to local audiences, Mike Green on double bass, new to Severn jazz, Chris Cobbson was on guitar and Mike Cypher who is the drummer in the band, but who Kim describes as her driver, her roadie, her advisor and, oh yes, her husband!

The music ranged from straight ahead jazz to quite funky but everything worked well and there were a few tunes where the audience were clapping and swaying along to the music. That’s not bad getting a jazz audience to join in like that. There were the usual favourites but I got the feeling that all the music had to be suitable for the audience that night. I’m guessing that if the paying customers were of different musical tastes, then the music would have been altered to fit the occasion.

It was a great evening then with a number of people hoping that she might be invited back. That’s if she can get it all into the diary. After all we are competing now with venues like Pizza Express in London! I’m sure Kim and the band will be making swinging music and many friends for years to come.