Jun 16 – David Newton Trio

This session was yet another example of what David Newton does and does so well. It was an evening of mainly well known music but David, as always, added his own personal touch and made every song his own. It was as if that music had just flowed from the composer’s creativity to his pen and onto the manuscript paper. The audience could have been entranced even if there was no bassist and drummer, but they were there and they were very much a part of the great scheme of things. Drummer Terry Howard and bassist Clive Morton were more than just on the same wavelength. There were times when I’m sure their brains were in some way connected. Also, there were some lovely stories about a number of composers and artists whose names are legendary. The credibility of some of these was even greater in that David had met some of these giants of the music world during his travels and therefore they were first hand as well as being entertaining. The audience reaction to the performance can be judged by their exit at the end of the evening and some of the remarks made. ‘Where does he get his ideas from?’ ‘What a perfect session.’ And there were many more than that. It is good to know that David Newton will be coming back for a Benny Goodman evening with Julian Stringle in September.