July 18 – David Newton Trio

I suppose that any review of a performance involving Dave Newton brings you to the point where you exhaust all the superlatives in the book. July’s session was no exception. Lest you think that this is my view and that I am biased, it is the audience who decide what they like and what is seen as good music. I suppose then, some of the comments that were made by members of the audience as they were leaving will be this month’s review.

One person suggested that a Newton evening of music like this could be used as an illustration of what jazz is all about for those who say they ‘don’t like jazz.’ It was accessible music with a universal appeal.

Then there were the ‘that was wonderful’ and the ‘when is he coming again’ and the ‘that really was worth coming out for’ comments which are always lovely to hear. On an extremely hot evening when staying in the garden with a cool drink might be more comfortable, those comments are even more genuine.

I was equally impressed by the couple who had travelled over one hundred miles to be there. In fact they were spending a break in the area and they had timed their visit to coincide with Dave’s visit. That is dedication and it also says a lot about the draw of the music and of his artistry.

Dave was with Clive Morton on bass and Terry Howard on drums. It’s not only fascinating to listen to these guys design their music as they go along, but it’s also visually exciting to watch their facial expressions and subtle signals to each other which indicates, to them at least, what is coming next.

What a team and what a wonderful evening of great music. Like fine wine, there were flavours of everyone from Bill Evans to Oscar Peterson and all points in between. At the same time, a really fresh originality oozes from every note.