Feb 17 – Chris Hodgkins Trio

Jazz of any kind is rarely to everyone’s taste. Even those who are not musicians know what they like and more to the point they usually know what they don’t like. But it’s usually the new and the different that causes divisions. I do know that our trio on Friday split the room with almost a fifty-fifty not quite sure to really enjoyable. I’m not sure why because no one on the performing end was trying to pretend they were doing something different. This was straight ahead, down to earth jazz with some real foot tappers included in the programme.

I do feel that you got what it said on the tin. A trio of trumpet, keyboard and bass all of whom I thought were very adaptable and able to conjure up a number of moods as a trio.

Chris Hodgkins led on trumpet. He has a long pedigree of playing and then he spent nearly thirty years championing jazz as Director of Jazz Services. It was his first visit to Severn Jazz. On keyboards, Dave Price also made his first visit to Severn Jazz. Dave is a regular on the Hereford and Mid and South Wales scene as is bassist Erika Lyons who completed the group. And Erika has played here a number of times.

The evening consisted of a programme of jazz that no one could have failed to recognise and judging by the expressions on the faces of the audience, everyone did.

I did feel this trio had the ability to conjure up atmosphere from some different periods of jazz and judging by their CD ‘Back In Your Own Backyard,’ which I thought was delightful, they did both in the studio and on their Friday visit.