Oct 16 – Art Themen & Zoltan Sagi

There must be a situation when four musicians who have not played together as a quartet meet up for an evening of jazz. When they do, they captivate the audience who have difficulty in believing that they are together for the first time. It defines jazz when this happens.

This was what did happen on the first Friday in October when Art Themen joined with Zoltan SagiAl Gurr and Bill Coleman to produce some delightful music which captivated the audience. As well as producing some wonderful music, there was not an ego to be seen. It was such a good evening, that many people as they walked out wanted the group re-booked as soon as possible.

Not only did they gel as musicians, they also conveyed their enthusiasm to each other and the audience. They were having fun and this was infectious. A couple of the musicians and many of the audience had struggled through some of the worst traffic congestion that Worcester has known for some time. All due to emergency repairs, but still causing long delays. This didn’t stop the music coming and although Art Themen only managed to get there ten minutes before the starting time, it all happened on time and there followed two hours of superb jazz .

Art said afterwards that doing an intimate gig like this was ‘so easy for the musicians and they were able to enjoy their playing rather than treating it like work.’

That emotion certainly came across and it really would be good to know that the musicians who produced that evening of superb music, so effortlessly, could well be back to do it all over again.

I’ll drink to that!