Apr 17 – Alan Barnes Quartet

If the saying about buses is true, you know the one where they turn up in their two’s and three’s, then last Friday evening rocked the proverbial bus shelter to many people’s extreme enjoyment.

Because Dave Newton had captivated the audience in March and if that was good (which it was) then this was even better. On this occasion, his old mate Alan Barnes, (Alan says they’ve been married for years) was playing anything with a reed backed up by consummate bass player Dave Green and much sought after drummer Matt Skelton. Now for people who glibly talk about ‘dream teams,’ that is what you call a dream team.

The personnel that made up this quartet was the choice of Peter Doran, who was celebrating an eightieth birthday that weekend and who had sponsored the evening. It was Peter’s dream team and he was only one member of the large audience who went away with a smile on their collective face. I didn’t see one person going out who had not been enthralled by the music that evening. And judging by the applause and laughter this euphoria had been around since the start of the proceedings.

So, summing it up, what can you say about a quartet who entertain and delight? What can you say about these top musicians who are at the top of their game, night after night? The audience loved it all – plenty of great jazz; there was disbelief in some of the musical acrobatics that the musicians came up with. That was added to with plenty of laughter as Alan Barnes got into his stride with those musician’s one liners.

If you had bottled the atmosphere that night then the vintage would have been something to talk about for a long time to come and I’m sure that will be the case.