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    David Newton Trio

    dnIt has been said that David Newton is 'one of our nation’s treasured pianists'. The man has a lovely touch, that is for certain.

    He’s been the accompanist of choice for vocal royalty for years, and it’s easy to hear why: Newton’s musical responsiveness is as impressive as his re-harmonization and arranging skills at the piano. It can be a fine line between clever and stupid when it comes to re-setting musical chestnuts to the jazz format, but Newton bridges that gap by a good mile or more. He’s the kind of pianist every drummer and bass player could wish for.

    Clive Morton (bs), Terry Howard (dms)

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    The Tom Hill Trio

    Always popular, local bass player Tom Hill, leads this trio. Expect lots of humour and maybe the occasional vocal, a superb bass player who is joined by Al Gurr on keyboard and Charlie Wright on reeds.